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cmVodbx32   is a tool for DBF databases management. This DBF viewer and editor is the best shareware solution for your business. Convert and repair tables, in format CLIPPER, DBASEIV and FOXPRO. Zap, pack, append, filter, find and seek over records.
cmVodbx32 is a great DBF database management software.
Handles DBF databases in formats OEM  (dos) or ANSI (windows). 
Creates and modifies structure of DBF databases. 
Creates indices for all types of format NTX, CDX, MDX 
Copies, imports DBF in all formats NTX, CDX, MDX, SDF , Delimited. 
Access to all DBF function like: zap, pack, append, filter, find, re-index, seek, set delete,
recall, lock, unlock, replace, count, average, sum, etc..
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PétanqueQC-V2  (French version only)
Bienvenue à  PétanqueQC Ver 2.x.x  .Ce TRÈS SIMPLE programme vous permet de gérer le
tirage de 2 parties par jour, avec des équipes de 3 joueurs.
Free Software and Samples.
VisualZipBackup  (New Version 2.4.1, 2019-02-13 )
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