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All Classmate samples of old site, now closed. 2017-03-10 162MB

Visual ZipBackup version is a
FREEWARE program that backup your files in ZIP format. Each files is separately zipped to the backup drive in the same pattern (folders) as the original files. It can backup files to any media that is compatible with your file explorer (R-W).

It is written in CA Visual Objects 2.8 SP3 code and with the ClassMate 2.09 library ( PS: See Readme.txt for changes)

2019-02-13 8.1 Mb    Setup_VisualZipBackup V2.4.1.exe
Fab AutoDoc Personal sample, (
FREEWARE)), an enhancement of the FabAutoDoc for my personal use.

It includes ONLY the modified .AEF and a production EXE. ( for all .AEF, refer to Fab Web Site or your CD-ROM of CAVO28 SP3 )

Enhancements are:

1) The repository part has been left apart, therefore only an .aef or a .mef can be seen.

2) When viewing a form resource, the resulting equivalent form is automatically opened. ( like VOPP)

PS: If you want to see all controls, open the Fab AutoDoc Lib.AEF, go to the Module "Dlg TestAll" and double click on "Resource (Form)"

3) When searching, the resulting window is left opened, then you don't have to make another search to view another entity .

4) When right click on the program .aef in the treeview, then a pop window will show you the properties of this .aef.

5) When viewing source code, there is now a reading lines for each entities ( like CAVO editor )...NEW******
2015-09-24 2.4 Mb Fab AutoDoc
User Define Functions (UDF) for cmVodbx32. New functions to Unpack 3 bytes date to string "yyyymmdd". See .PRG file 2019-01-09 29KB
cDataBrowserEx sample, an enhancement of the cDataBrowser control for ClassMate   ( Updated to CAVO28 SP1 and ClassMate 209 )

- Show deleted and recno columns

- Highlighting rows of deleted records

- Highlighting current row in light blue and keeping current cell as is default.

- Show the indexed columns (fields) in light Gray + addition of a key bitmap on headers

- On font change, the rows and the header height are also changed

- Keep the columns sizes of a DBF when closing/re-opening the program

2007-10-29 35K
Enhanced use of the Richedit control for ClassMate

- Enable to insert spaces characters instead of a tab character when pressing the tab key

- Enable to set Selection bar and other options

- Enable to set URL detection and launch it

- Enable to show the Edit menu with the right click on rich edit control

2004-05-18 36K
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