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Upgrade Policy
Version system  
We use a simple decimal system to label each new release of our software.

The number to the left of the first decimal indicates a
Major upgrade.

Whereas, the numbers to the right of the first decimal indicates a
minor updates. Build and Revision are correction only. Those are versions are not considered has upgrade for extension of free trial period (no licensed users).

Ex: or or are still minor updates.

Note: Source code software don't follow any of herein rules.
1 . 92 . 1 . 23
Major Minor Build Revision
Minor Updates

Licensed customers are always entitled to free minor updates for the version that they purchased.
For example, anyone who purchased "Software" 1.0 is entitled to all minor updates in the 1.x release stream. The same holds true if you purchased "Software" 1.6 or "Software"

Major Upgrades reserves the right to charge an upgrade fee for major upgrades.
Once you've paid the upgrade fee you are entitled to free minor updates for that release stream. For example, if you pay the upgrade fee for "Software" 2.0, you will be entitled to all minor upgrades in the 2.x release stream.