Price for Registration of cmVodbx32

Single Price of only $89.95 (US) $69.95 (US) and you now get an unlimited amount of users as a PORTABLE application. The software can be used at the office, at home or at customers sites. It is specially designed to be used on USB stick, but can also be used on any other drive.  

The limitation is a legal one. You cannot incorporate this program to those you sale to your customers.

License  of cmVodbx32

Upon registration you will receive by email (within 24 to 48 hours, but normally in few hours):
1) For a PORTABLE application, a single .EXE file, by a download location.
2) For 5 and 1 users registration, the customer ID and the activation key. This activation must be done via Internet.
3) For the Batch-cmVodbx32.exe and BLOBExtract.exe files, the activation is included in the above section 1 and 2
    and part of the main program.


No more support for version prior of version 8.xx
Note: Upgrade is free, for licenses bought starting 2015-01-01. Just send me an email with the customer registration number
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Full Product ( Portable application ) now for only 89.95$ US, now 69.95$ US

Full Product ( 5 users registration ) now for only 59.95$ US, now 39.95$ US

Full Product ( 1 user registration ) now for only 34.95$ US, now 19.95$ US

NOTE: For 1 and 5 registrations, activation via internet is mandatory, therefore cmVodbx32 must have already access to internet via the HTTP and the FTP ports. Set your firewall accordingly (If necessary)

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