Enhancements and corrections (Version    2024-02-03
  Correction of crash on OLE Enable editor in some circumstances.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2024-01-01
  Updated year 2024 version of cmVodbx32.exe
  OLE Enable Editor now shows the Memo Block Size in the caption Window

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated year 2023 version of cmVodbx32.exe
  External command line access to [Batch-cmVodbx32.EXE] and
  [BLOBExtract.EXE] now use PowerShell commands since the
  DOS commands [Cmd] give wrong displays with Windows 11.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated year 2022 version of cmVodbx32.exe
  WARNING... Use of DOSLIKE font with the RichEditor gives very
      unpredicted behaviors, like wrong printing, cursor erratic behavior
      etc, etc...
   Few very minors enhancements.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated windows version identification for Windows 11. 

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated windows version identification for Windows 10 new schema. (Ex: 21H1)
  In TABs view, left mouse double-click now close the table.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated copyright across the application and the Web site to 2020
  Few very cosmetics corrections
  Ctrl-Alt-F4 now close all open DBF without closing the program
  BLOBExtract.EXE has been updated to Version 1.6, it logs all defect records instead of crashing.
  All tab controls can be closed with the Middle Mouse Click.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Updated copyright across the application and the Web site to 2019
  Few very cosmetics corrections

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Errors in importing and exporting databases to Excel and SQL .csv file format
  See FAQ about changes, Click Here
  Updated the help file.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Error in code signing certificate of 1 file. No other changes.
  This is very minor and it concerns only new installations.

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Changed the program icon to fit the window10 standard
  Re-do export and import to/from .xml, for better file reading
  Refine auto rdd detection
  Few languages corrections

Enhancements and corrections (Version
  Changed the activation server, old one was giving many problems. Therefore all activations prior this version will not work.
  You have to download and install this version or later, for activations.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2016-09-04
  All EXEs and DLLs from Rayonline.com, including the installation file, are signed with a
  Code Signing certificate.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2016-08-16
  Made activation window always on top.
  Previous file history now forget network drive, since windows takes very long time
   to verify if network drive is no longer available.
  Minor changes in labelling.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2016-04-20
  Bug when opening database from File Explorer, the next files where going in limbo... ( Corrected )
  Prevention of printing when the Rich Editor is empty. ( Enhancement )

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2016-02-19
  Version 8 is an enhancement of the activation process, features are the same as version
  Since Windows 10, the user ID number changes on every major build.
Therefore any installation (on Windows 10),will need to register again, against updates which will be free for Version
  8xx stream
Ugrade is free for licenses bought after 2015-01-01.  Just send me an email with registration number.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2015-12-10
  Removed home made OpenFileDialog, since Windows 10 version 1511 corrected the problem.
  Rebuilt class OS (Operating system version status), reflecting good version and build number as Windows
    [Winver.exe] program. See the About Dialog, the support@rayonline.com  link.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2015-10-18
  Auto detect RDD was not working, corrected

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2015-08-05
  Since Windows 10 has a bug in the OpenFileDialog, (cannot be resized). Now I am using an home made OpenFileDialog
   with new  Vista style. Template window is now attached externally to the dialog and follows the resizing of it. ( Work around )

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2015-06-23
  Integration of calling the batch files command line [Batch-cmVodbx32.exe] and [BlobExtract.exe] into the main program.
  Improved last open file into error log.
  Improved access Internet status speed.
  Compatible with Windows 10. However, open file dialog is not realizable and OS version 10 is not showed properly due to
  windows 10 bugs. Hope will be corrected in the final release in next July.
  In OLE rich edit editor, the first character was hidden on window opening. ( Correction )
  Resized Option dialog, to adapt other languages. ( Correction )
  Crash in many functions if extension .dbf where not inserted. It is done now automatically. ( Correction )
  File .dbf association is now done automatically on temp folder for the portable application. ( The software must be open )
  Few others minors corrections

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2014-09-30
  Insert key is set now by the option dialog, when we open another program in admin mode, then insert key becomes OFF.
    (Windows  bug)
  Removed decimals on printing when the value is only an integer.
  PDF printing was buggy, corrected.
  Few minor changes in activation an update.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2014-08-01
  Changes in update functions.
  Batch-cmVodbx32 and BLOBExtract Registrations, version, changed licence path… 
  On Outlook emails, added read request box.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2014-04-24
   In [Tabs view], when opening a file, the focus has been corrected
   Updated activation Window

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2013-12-30
  Minor updates

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2013-11-11
  Fixed system info for Windows 8.1
  Set default OLE Editor font to the browser font.
  Created an update dialog.

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2013-04-01
  New mailto: function to send mail via this program
  Rich Edit editor now save good format file extension
  Insert key work around removed, since corrected by Microsoft
  Previous button bug on fastsearch dialog now fixed

Enhancements and corrections (Version    2012-06-22
  New Batch file BLOBExtract.exe to copy content of DBV file into FoxPro memo file
  Set Field number to Form views and the DBF Status Window.
  Correction on crash when selecting empty section of list box in few windows
  Correction on crash when creating virtual field
  Correction of few minor bugs.

Enhancements and corrections (    2012-01-30
  New Batch-cmVodbx32.exe command
line file, to export .DBF file to .CSV file
  Crash on append DBF when the imported file is already opened.
  Correction of few minor bugs
  Re-do export and import to/from .xml

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CmVodbx32 history
History speaks by itself... Since 1999-09-05, this program has been updated regularly. Therefore can be trusted for bugs and enhancements.